Professional Fertility Acupuncturist Training

I've just put together a very special introductory fertility training package for you. I've put this package together because I'm retiring from the field of fertility acupuncture and before I move on I want to pass on my hard earned lessons. I've learned a lot of the importance of diagnostics in fertility acupuncture and many acupuncturists have requested that I teach some training courses. I was on schedule to teach a series of fertility diagnostic courses with Standard Process back in 2012, but I left the country to adopt a baby and that journey changed the course of my life. 

However, I have a passion for teaching and I feel called to share this information before I move on to the next phase of my life. If you have been feeling the desire to delve into diagnostics or want to hone your fertility knowledge, you may find my training programs helpful. At the very least, watch the free hormone webinar that I offer below to get a taste of my teaching style.

This package of 12 in depth webinars with 20 hours of training has been called a mini Ph.D in fertility by many acupuncturists. The cost is $299. These webinars will give you a solid foundation in addressing fertility issues and will lay the groundwork for understanding how salivary panels and hair tissue analysis are used in diagnosing fertility issues. 

I realize that you might want a taste of my webinars to see my teaching style. I am making the first webinar available to you for the next week for free, so that you can get a feel for my training style. You can access Webinar #1 until the end of August. Enjoy!

All participants in my fertility diagnostic training courses will have to complete these webinars as preliminary training. This training will insure that we're all on the same page and speak the same basic language. Plus, it will help you hit the ground running with understanding interpreting salivary panels and hair tissue analysis. Here is the list of 12 webinars with descriptions.

Fertility Webinar #1

"Your Hormones are the Driver Behind Your Fertility"

Description: In this introductory class, you'll learn the building blocks of female fertility; hormones. We'll talk about the reproductive hormones that are involved in conception and the most common hormone imbalance symptoms that are mistakenly diagnosed as infertility. Although many women are told they have problems with their eggs, the culprit is often hormone imbalance. You'll learn all about progesterone, estradiol, FSH, LH, testosterone, prolactin and DHEA. We'll discuss why supplementing with individual hormones like progesterone often doesn't work. It can actually throw your body further into a hormonal imbalance. I believe that natural hormone balance for women is not only possible, but possibly the best way to address fertility issues. This class will get you off to a solid start in your fertility training.

Fertility Webinar #2

"Charting Your Way to a BFP" 

Description: We'll cover the basics of BBT charts and discuss how to read a Chinese Fertility Chart, from a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) perspective. You'll learn how to chart all aspects of the menstrual cycle and how to interpret the results. This method of charting the menstrual cycle provides in depth insight into the current state of fertility and hormonal health. Charting the cycle is an efficient and inexpensive way for patients to get in touch with their own fertility signs. We'll discuss the meanings of temperature fluctuation, cervical mucus, OPK tests, spotting, estrogen dominance, progesterone deficiency, luteal phase defect, etc. I love to go over personal BBT charts and I'll be going over some charts during this webinar.

Fertility Webinar #3

"Nourish Your Body to Get Pregnant" 

Description:In this fertility webinar, you'll learn the keys of a nourishing preconception diet. You'll also learn to distinguish between hype and fact when it comes to fertility foods for both men and women. We'll also be discussing the fertility toxins that may be reducing your patients' fertility. I've come across some cutting edge information regarding food and fertility and will be presenting my findings in this class. All recommendations are easy to implement at home.Unquestionably, nutrition is the foundation to procreation. Diet is fundamental in preparing egg and sperm for making a baby. This class is highly recommended for all acupuncturists advising couples who are trying to conceive.

Fertility Webinar #4

"How to Turn Around Male Factor in 70 days" 

Description:In this fertility webinar, you'll learn how to read a sperm test and what numbers are needed to conceive. We'll also discuss dietary and lifestyle factors that dramatically affect male fertility. Sperm is 50% of making a baby and it's crucial in today's polluted, fast food society that both men and women practice preconception care. We'll discuss the nutritional supplements that I use in the clinic to boost sperm counts, motility, forward progression, and morphology. I'll be sure to also share some products that you can purchase online that I've found to be helpful in supporting both testosterone production and sperm creation. It's often stated that 40% of infertility cases are due to Male Factor Infertility. I believe that good quality sperm can get almost any woman pregnant.

Fertility Webinar #5

"Has Your Doctor Offered These Fertility Tests?" 

Description:In this fertility webinar, you'll learn the important tests that patients should have before taking Clomid or doing an IVF cycle. Many women undergo ART procedures before addressing hormonal imbalances or functional problems. Finding the answers to why patients may be having difficulty conceiving can be the key to overcoming infertility and having a healthy pregnancy and baby. I believe that doctors are rushing to offer Clomid and IVF before adequately investigating why women are not conceiving. Many of the women that I see in the clinic don't need IVF and yet they've been told that even with IVF, their chance of conceiving is less than 1%. Take this class and learn the tests that you want your patients to request from their doctors.

Fertility Webinar #6

"Straight Talk on Herbs & Supplements" 

Description:In this fertility webinar, you'll learn many of the successful protocols that I use in the clinic. We'll go over protocols for estrogen dominance, PCOS, basic fertility support, and the best prenatal protocol that I know of. We'll also go over the basic Chinese herbal formulas that can be helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle. You will not walk away with a "one size fits all" list of herbs and supplements. Instead you will learn how to determine what herbs and supplements are appropriate for a particular situation. This webinar goes over basic herbs and supplements and is a foundation for later webinars that delve into specific protocols for the common hormonal imbalances we see on salivary panels.

Fertility Webinar #7

"Are Women Really Running Out of Eggs?" 

Description:In this class, you'll learn everything you always wondered about women's eggs. Have your patients been told that they're running out of eggs and they have less than a 1% chance of conceiving with their own eggs? If so, you want to take this fertility webinar and get informed! We'll talk about the follicular recruitment process and why doctors should not be predicting that women are running out of eggs. Many factors affect the maturation of eggs and we'll go over these and discuss how to maximize the chances of ovulating a good quality egg. What does antral follicle count mean? Does my patient really have POF (premature ovarian failure?) Why doesn't a patient ever get a positive OPK test result? These and other personal questions will be answered.

Fertility Webinar #8

"DIY Lifestyle Changes that Enhance Fertility" 

Description:In this class, you'll learn the importance of an appropriate lifestyle when preparing to conceive a baby. You'll also learn about sleep, fertility toxins, exercise, and stress management. Since stress often plays a role in sub fertility, we'll be discussing various forms of meditation practices like mindfulness, visual imagery, emotional freedom technique and hypnosis. We'll talk about the things that inhibit fertility and yet are never talked about by doctors. I'll show you the number one way to detox, calm the mind and support the maturation of of follicles. I love this particular fertility webinar, as it puts the power in your patients' hands. You'll learn many things that you can advise your patients to do themselves to improve their fertility. 

Fertility Webinar #9

"PCOS: The Hidden Culprit in Sub Fertility Cases"

Description:PCOS is a player in many infertility cases. I've heard of doctors looking at patients and telling them that they don't have PCOS, just because they are thin. This is silly! Thin women with PCOS have a more difficult time conceiving than overweight women with PCOS. As is true with many syndromes, PCOS can't be diagnosed by just looking at the patient. There is a lot of misinformation surrounding PCOS and we'll be clearing this up. PCOS is an epidemic and it does dramatically affect fertility. Learn how to determine if your patients have PCOS and what you can do about it if they do. There are varying degrees of PCOS and it can definitely be treated successfully. I have a patient that had such bad PCOS that she didn't have a period and yet she now has 3 children. Patients can get pregnant, even if they have PCOS.

Fertility Webinar #10

"The Two Best Fertility Tests that You Can Do" 

Description:Every patient that comes into my clinic has to complete 2 fertility tests, so that we can design a personalized fertility program. One test is a salivary hormone test that tells us about estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH, DHEA, and testosterone throughout the menstrual cycle. With this test, we can accurately evaluate ovulatory function, luteal phase stability, HP axis function and many other aspects of the menstrual cycle. Basically, we can see why a woman isn't conceiving if she has a hormonal imbalance. I consider this test to be the gold standard of fertility testing. The second test that we offer is a hair tissue analysis. This test tests us about the mineral levels in the tissues, the load of heavy metals on the body and the health of various glands like the thyroid and adrenals. The hair tissue analysis gives us an overview of the health of the tissues of the body and whether the body has the necessary minerals to run the enzymatic processes that govern the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. We'll be going over actual tests during this fertility webinar. Even with this basic webinar, you'll be ready to get started with salivary hormone panels and hair tissue analysis. 

Fertility Webinar #11

"The Hormone Triad" 

Description: In this webinar I present a very simple diagnostic concept, which is the culmination of my 15 years working with fertility patients. This diagnostic concept is based on what I call, The Hormone Triad. I believe that if you balance The Hormone Triad, you can fix 90% of fertility issues. The Hormone Triad consists of Estrogen Dominance, PCOS and Adrenal Insufficiency. We go into depth with each of these hormone imbalances, how to diagnose them and the protocols used to treat them. This webinar alone could completely change the way that you treat your fertility patients.

Fertility Webinar #12

"Interpreting Salivary Hormone Panels"

Description: In this webinar we'll go over a Female Hormone Panel, which is a salivary test that analyzes 6 hormones throughout the menstrual cycle. You'll learn first hand, why this test is the gold standard for diagnosing hormonal imbalances. We'll also be going over other relevant salivary hormone panels that may be helpful in your practice. These include the Adrenal Stress Index, Male Hormone Panel and the Perimenopause Panel for women that aren't ovulating. This is a solid introduction to these salivary tests. You will become very familiar with them and will likely be comfortable enough to start ordering them for your patients. 

Once you've completed these 12 webinars, you'll have a solid foundation for my upcoming training program, where we will go in depth with diagnostic tests and the corresponding nutritional supplement protocols. I will only be offering this webinar package now and the corresponding training programs will only be offered in 2015. As you know, I will be retiring from treating fertility at the end of this year, but I want to pass on my diagnostic knowledge before moving on. If this is something that interests you, I hope that you will take advantage and participate. You'll have a few months to watch these webinars before I offer the next level of training. 

I am looking for someone to take over my website, so if you have an interest in having an online practice, please let me know. If there is interest in the area of online practice, I would be willing to do a webinar on that subject. I've learned a lot about the online arena the past 10 years and would enjoy passing on my hard earned lessons. 

The cost of this webinar package is $299. Just click the Buy Now button and you'll receive the links to the webinars in an email. Purchasing this webinar package makes your eligible for my future professional trainings. I will only be accepting practitioners that have watched these webinars, as these webinars are the foundational training for my future courses.  If you have any questions about the webinar package, future trainings or building an online practice, please let me know.