Acupuncture for Male Factor Fertility

by Chris
(Rhode Island, USA)

I'm a man and wanted to share a man's opinion on acupuncture for Male Factor Fertility. After my wife began acupuncture treatments with Amelia to deal with infertility, I agreed upon my wife's suggestion to have an initial session with Amelia.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed the treatment. Amelia prescribed personalized herbal formulas for me and I started coming in for treatments on a weekly basis. I also followed the dietary guidelines and stopped drinking coffee. At one point, my back went out and I was having a lot of stress. I found that the acupuncture immediately helped my back and reduced my stress levels.

At our next IUI after I started acupuncture, the lab results showed that my sperm had an increase in count, forward progression and motility. Unfortunately, the IUI was unsuccessful and we eventually moved on to an IVF cycle.

After the retrieval, we received regular updates from the lab, and the embryologist was impressed with our fertilization rate (about 85%). Our first IVF cycle was a success. I found acupuncture to be very relaxing and also something I could do to help my wife through a really hard time. I believe that acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine contributed to our successful IVF cycle.

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