Acupuncture for IVF Success

by Juliet
(Mattapoisett, Massachusetts)

After one unsuccessful IVF cycle I contacted the Phoenix Fertility Center to learn more about how acupuncture could help in my unique infertility circumstances. I was undergoing IVF because of my husband's very low sperm count. Our first round had been unsuccessful in part I believe because of my own anxiety and stress. I chose to use acupuncture to help ease stress and promote relaxation while undergoing IVF treatment.

During my first acupuncture treatment with Hwasook Lee I felt an amazing sense of calm and relaxation that only intensified with the more treatments I received. My first session with Hwasook was just a couple of weeks before my second attempt at IVF egg transfer. I continued weekly treatments with Hwasook after the egg transfer to help support egg implantation and promote relaxation. These treatments were wonderfully relaxing and helpful. I left each acupuncture session feeling calm and energized.

The only difference between my first and second IVF cycles is that with the second I underwent acupuncture treatments. This peaceful state of mind made all the difference. My body accepted the eggs and I was pregnant with twins!! I am now a happy and thankful mother to two beautiful newborn sons. The Phoenix Fertility Center and Hwasook Lee's wonderful treatments made this IVF a success.

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