Acupuncture, Clomid, and Sperm Tests

by Kim

Hi Amelia,
I have been going for acupuncture for the last 3 and a half months for about 3 times a week. I take Chinese herbal liquids provided by my acupunturist daily. I feel much more balanced and enjoy my sessions. I have become less irritable and less stressed out since I have started and truly believe it's helping me.

I had a very purple coloured tongue from years of drinking. My acupuncturist says that I have issues with my liver, spleen, heart, and kidneys, as well as a cold uterus problem.

Since I started taking herbal teas and getting acupuncture treatments, doing fruit and vegetable detoxes, cutting down on drinking and really watching my diet with less acidic foods, such as meat and so forth, my tongue changed to a pinkish hue, but still has crinkle purple sides.

My periods are less painful, I am less bloated and feel less irritable, although my period is still brownish and red in colour.

My husband and I have been trying for almost 2 years without news. I am 37 and my husband is 41 this year. He drinks a lot and does not seem to think that it is a problem. We're scheduled to see the gynocologist soon and hopefully we will be able to determine if his sperm count is good.

I went to have myself checked with my doctor last year and she said everything looks good from the ultrasound sound so far. I asked to take Clomid, but she was reluctant to put me on it and told me to try for another few months. It's been more than 4 months now so I am wondering if I could do Clomid and acupuncture together to see what pans out??

Much to my acupuncturists dismay, since he only wants me to take his medication and acupuncture treatments, I'm thinking of trying Clomid. He doesn't believe in combining the two worlds together.

I am thinking of taking Clomid if my gynecologist agrees and continue with acupuncture/herbs without telling my acupuncturist. This is my instinct so far. Am wondering if you can give me any advice on this. I am starting Pilates and want to try yoga and qi gong soon too. I really look forward to hearing from you.


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Acupuncture, Clomid and Sperm Tests (Part 2)
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Kim,
Thank you for your questions about acupuncture, Clomid and sperm tests. I'm going to go into detail here, as I believe that this is a common question that many women have regarding Clomid.

I will be answering #4 and #5 on this page. Please see my earlier post to see the answers to #1, #2 and #3.

#4 Charting
I would chart your cycle. This is the best way to get in touch with your own fertility signs. From your chart you will learn the best time to have sex, if you're ovulating and if your luteal phase is long enough to support the implantation of an embryo. You can learn all about charting in one of my basic charting courses. You'll be a pro in a couple of weeks!

#5 Clomid
You have a good gynecologist that is not just prescribing Clomid willy nilly. Clomid is really only indicated if you're not ovulating. I encourage to to chart and see if you are ovulating. If you are, don't take Clomid!

Clomid can completely dry up your cervical mucus, preventing you from getting pregnant naturally in the future. Also, it can have a negative effect on your reproductive system. I have seen a number of patients that have damaged their reproductive system from taking Clomid and it can take many months to bring the body back in balance.

It really seems to me that you really need to check out your body and your husband's body further. Clomid will definitely not make up for your husband's drinking. I hope that he doesn't smoke, as well.

I want to thank you for writing in. I wish you the best of good health. Keep up with your program and if I were you, I'd listen to both your MD and your Chinese acupuncturist. It seems that you have good advisers.

Sending baby dust your way,
Amelia Hirota
Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Acupuncture, Clomid and Sperm Tests (Part 1)
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Kim,
I'm so glad to hear that acupuncture and Chinese herbs have helped balance your menstrual cycle and your overall health. I'm also impressed to hear that you're improving your diet and thinking about meditative health practices. Good for you taking charge of your fertility!

In terms of acupuncture, Clomid and sperm tests, there are five things that I want to focus on in my response:
#1. Your husband's sperm
#2. Preconception Health
#3. Diagnostic Tests
#4. Charting
#5. Clomid

#1 Your husband's sperm
Drinking is a definite problem for both men and women. Studies in IVF clinics have found that alcohol consumed by men before and during an IVF cycle significantly reduces success rates. Sometimes this is as high as 800%. Sperm is 50% of making a baby and sperm is MUCH more susceptible to chemicals in all forms than a woman's eggs.

I encourage you to have your husband's sperm tested. I often see women that are getting regular acupuncture, taking Chinese herbs, working on their diet, exercising and meditating significantly improve their overall health. Then, after months of work, they finally ask their husband to get a sperm test. In most cases, there is a male factor at work and it's prudent to get this checked out as soon as possible.

#2 Preconception Health
The health of the egg and the sperm before conception will determine the quality of the DNA that is expressed in your baby. It takes about 4 months for a follicle to mature in women and 72 days to make new sperm. Therefore, this time frame should be kept in mind when planning to start a family.

You've been getting regular acupuncture treatments and taking herbs for almost 4 months at this point, so the eggs that you ovulate from this point forward will have the advantage of being nourished with the good foods that you're eating and the herbs that you're taking. I encourage your husband to consider a preconception plan that involves no alcohol, no smoking, lots of fresh foods and some good exercise to improve blood circulation.

#3 Diagnostic Tests
I recommend the following diagnostic tests before you venture into the murky waters of Clomid.
Full sperm assay including count, motility, morphology, and forward progression.

HSG to insure that your uterine tubes are open.

Hysteroscopy to make sure that you don't have any polyps or growths in the uterus affecting implantation.

Post Coital to make sure that your cervical mucus and your husband's sperm get along.

FSH blood test to check on ovarian reserve

Progesterone blood test 6 days post ovulation to make sure that you're ovulating.

I will continue my response to #4 and #5 in the following post.

Sending baby dust your way,
Amelia Hirota
Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Acupuncture and Clomid
by: Anonymous

I have been on clomid for 3 months and I am now on my 4th month of clomid. This is my last before I head back to the infertility clinic to be referred for an iui. I was just wondering if it is safe to have acupuncture, while I am taking Clomid, as I have acupuncture booked for Monday.

Clomid and Acupuncture
by: Amelia Hirota

It is perfectly safe to combine Clomid and Acupuncture. I would like to mention that 3 Clomid cycles is recommended in the literature to be the limit. Studies have found thinner uterine linings with subsequent Clomid cycles.

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