Acupuncture and Morning Sickness

by Megan
(Wakefield, RI)

I'd like to tell you about my experience with acupuncture and morning sickness. This is my second pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, the morning sickness was unbearable.

I spent hours and sometimes nights in the bathroom, literally. I tried all the commonly recommended remedies, but nothing worked. Finally, toward the end of my first trimester someone recommended acupuncture. Within 2 treatments the morning sickness was gone.

So with my current pregnancy as soon as the morning sickness began I started acupuncture with Amelia Hirota. I went twice a week for most of my first trimester.

Acupuncture helped me better cope with the morning sickness and allowed me to complete my daily activities. I am now in my second trimester and I'm pretty sure the morning sickness is gone.

Amelia recommended pre-birth acupuncture starting my 36th week to help prepare my body for labor and delivery. I'm looking forward to learning more about that and about the use of acupressure with labor and delivery. Thanks Amelia!

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