Acupuncture and High FSH

by Aliakber
(Mumbai, India)

Hello Amelia,
I'm 33 years old and my wife is 31 and has a high FSH level (approx 16.) We have been married 9 years but have no children.

We have done 3 IUI cycles without success. I would like to know if there is any treatment to reduce a high FSH level. Once the FSH level is decreased, we'd like to proceed with further IUI procedures.
Please let me know ASAP.

Thank you,

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An FSH of 16 May not be High
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Aliakber,
Thank you for writing in. I think that it's great that as a man, you're taking an active stance in your preconception plans.

You may be pleased to learn that an FSH of 16 is not always a "cut in stone" diagnosis of low ovarian reserve. Actually, scientists are looking for other means to measure ovarian reserve, as they're finding fault with relying exclusively on FSH numbers.

I've had a number of patients with an FSH around 16 that became pregnant. In each of these cases the men had good sperm counts, motility and morphology. If you could tell me your sperm count, motility and morphology numbers that would help me determine your chances of getting pregnant.

I would really like to get this dialogue on male factor started, as this is the tip of the ice berg in infertility today. I hope that you will help me get this discussion started and through this, we will help your wife get pregnant.

As for the FSH, you can read some of my other posts about what an elevated FSH means and how good diet and stress reduction can help lower the FSH. In the clinic, I often see high FSH numbers with women who go to bed after midnight, skip breakfast, drink coffee and have high levels of stress.

I have found that with FSH levels around 15, a woman can get pregnant if the sperm is good quality, she has a regular menstrual cycle, the menstrual blood is of good quantity and quality and the luteal phase is at least 12 days long.

Please respond in the comments sections with further details about your case and I'd be happy to explore your options further.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,

Amelia Hirota
Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist

From High to Low FSH
by: Anonymous

Hi Amelia,
My sperm count is perfect and we went for an IUI last month and then we checked the Day 2 FSH level and it was 10.20; down from from 16. I don.t know how this happened. I'm thinking for going a 4th IUI next month.


Sperm Count, Motility and Morphology are Key
by: Amelia Hirota

Hi Aliakber,
Thanks for responding. I'm so glad to hear that your wife's FSH has dropped from 16 to 10. As I mentioned, it's a very unpredictable hormone and therefore I don't put much emphasis on it in the clinic.

While I do appreciate you commenting on your sperm assay, I will tell you that numbers are more accurate than adjectives. Every one of my patients (who are mostly women) that comes into the clinic uses adjectives to describe her husband's sperm. I always hear that the sperm is fine and that the doctors said that there is no problem with the sperm.

However, after a few months of treatment, I usually get a sperm test result in the file. More often than now, there is male factor sub fertility going on. Unfortunately, most of my patients that aren't getting pregnant after 3-6 months of acupuncture find out that the problem is actually male factor.

One study that looked at over 1000 couples that got pregnant naturally found that the men had a minimum of 65 million sperm/ml with 65% motility and 12% morphology. This are the baseline figures that I look for in the clinic.

I also like to see a forward progression ranking of 3. I find that a forward progression of 3 makes all of the difference in the world, as the sperm is swimming forward with speed and intent.

I'd love to hear what is considered perfect sperm in India, if you're willing to share. Here in the U.S. I find doctors telling men with 3% morphology and 20 million sperm/ ml that they are fine. The truth is that these men may find it difficult to get their wives pregnant naturally.

If you have an acupuncturist near you, I encourage you and your wife to get regular treatments and take Chinese herbal formulas.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,

Amelia Hirota, Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist

High FSH male
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a very high FSH level and very few sperm in my ejaculate. Is there any medicine that can bring my FSH down?

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