Acupuncture and Egg Quality

by Linda
(Queens, NY)

Dear Amelia,
Could you please tell me when doing acupuncture do acupuncturists have to put needles in my feet or in my eyelids? I am very apprehensive about the acupuncture treatment.

Also, do you think that acupuncture would help my egg quality? I make a lot of eggs when stimulated with gonadotropins, but the quality does not seem to be good enough because they are not implanting.

When going through and IVF cycle the RE usually retrieves bet 8-14 eggs and during the last cycle I had 1 embryo that was excellent quality and 3 embryos that were considered good quality, but none of them implanted.

I am 46 years old with excellent FSH levels that range from 7.5 to 8.5 at the highest. Can you recommend an acupuncturist that is located in Queens County, NY and also Manhattan, NY. I live in Queens. I would like to work with someone who is specializing in fertility.

Thank you so much for your advice! I'll wait to hear from you.

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FSH and Egg Quality
by: Amelia

Hi Linda, Thank you for sharing your fear of acupuncture. You definitely don't need needles in the eyelids and usually you wouldn't need any in the soles of your feet. However, there are some very good points around the toes and the ankles, so your acupuncturist would probably needle your feet a little.
However, there's truly no reason to be scared of acupuncture. Acupuncture needles really aren't needles at all. They are more like filaments and they are the same girth as your hair. While you will feel some sensation during the treatment, it's not painful. The most common comment that I hear from first time patients is, "Is that all? I barely feel a thing."

There is a lot of talk about acupuncture improving egg quality, but in my opinion, a few needles in the body are not going to drastically change the quality of your eggs. Fertility acupuncture is more of a holistic plan that involves regular acupuncture treatments, deeply nourishing herbal formulas, an organic and healthy diet, and a calm mind. When you nourish your body and your eggs in this manner, the genetic material in your eggs is nourished so that they are able to express their highest potential.

I'm heartened by your low FSH levels and wonder why you need gonadotropins. You have the FSH levels of a 25-35 year old. I'm curious how many eggs are being fertilized. Fertility is a 50-50 partnership and the sperm in equally important in the process of cell division, DNA expression and implantation.

I have a colleague in Manhattan that specializes in treating fertility and her name is Jenise Parris. I highly recommend her.

If you want to send me a comment about your husband's sperm count, motility, and morphology, as well as the data on how many IVF cycles you've done and how many eggs were fertilized during each cycle, I'd be happy to give you a little more guidance.

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,
Amelia Hirota
Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

FSH and Egg Quality
by: Anonymous

Hi Amelia,
I am 46 with decent FSH. My problem per my dr. is my age, 46. I am looking at the glass half full and am looking to fill the other half. I am in need of help of someone who could help my beautiful eggs along to be the perfect 23 chromosomes that they are.

I MC last year on my first IUI, naturally and have not conceived since. I'm on my second IUI with injectables and am looking to do IVF if this cycle does not work.


Day 3 FSH isn't Everything
by: Amelia Hirota

It's great that your Day 3 FSH isn't elevated, but this isn't everything, as I'm sure you know. Just because the Day 3 FSH isn't elevated, this doesn't mean that it's behaving appropriately throughout the cycle. Hence, you're not getting pregnant and staying pregnant naturally.

However, it does bode well for your response to injectables. Because your FSH isn't elevated, you shouldn't have a blunted response to exogenous FSH. And, if you respond well to the drugs, then your beautiful, perfect eggs will be showcased.

So, I suppose that the glass is half full. Let us know how the injectable IUI goes and if you move on to IVF. Best of luck!

Sending Baby Dust Your Way,

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