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Baby Dust Newsletter Launches!
September 10, 2008

Welcome to the launch of my Baby Dust Newsletter! As my valued subscriber, you will receive the best in trustworthy natural fertility information to help you on your fertility journey. Also, as a Baby Dust subscriber you'll be receiving discounts, coupons and freebies that aren't available on my website. While all of my readers are special, subscribers like you are my priority.

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In this issue we have the following:

  • Announcements: Fertility Teleclasses Start October 1st
  • From the Clinic: No Coffee & No Beer! Whaaat??
  • New Article: 40 Year Old Woman Overcomes Secondary Infertility
  • Special Deal: Post in a Forum and Get a $10 off Coupon

Fertility Teleclasses Start October 1st

My Fertility Teleclasses are starting October 1st! If you're TTC and don't fully understand what's going on with you body, I encourage you to register for my In a Nutshell class. The class is ONLY $19 and I guarantee that you'll get your money's worth!

No Coffee & No Beer! Whaaat??

During an initial consultation with a couple a few months ago, the topic of coffee and alcohol came up. This couple had unexplained infertility and had been TTC for 2 years. I'm very upfront with my patients and share the truth about the dangers of coffee and alcohol on the body. In this case the wife was addicted to her daily Starbuck's stop and the husband had the habit of chilling out with a beer after work. Neither of them were excessive in their consumption of coffee or beer, but I advised them to reduce their intake to zero.

Both of them argued vehemently for 30 minutes about their doctors not advising them to stop drinking coffee or alcohol. They were very reluctant to follow my fertility diet instructions, which included far more than just eliminating coffee and alcohol. However, after I presented a number of studies with them and shared my personal results in the clinic, they were on board.

After 6 acupuncture treatments, 6 weeks later, the wife was pregnant. She and her husband were ecstatic and impressed with the power of a healthy diet. I was especially impressed with their case, as the husband had sub par sperm numbers, but cleaning up the diet seemed to have a quick affect on the sperms' performance.

40 Year Old Overcomes
Immunological Infertility

I believe that immunological infertility is seen more often in secondary infertility cases. This may be because the body starts to make more antibodies during the prognancy. We know this is the case in recurrent miscarriage, so it makes sense that this increased production of antibodies may be a factor in secondary infertility. In the clinic, one of my most common patient profiles is a woman looking to improve her fertility after 40 years of age, who has a 3 year old child and easily conceived this baby in her late thirties.

In this case study, we're looking at my patient with immunological infertility due to positive anti-phospholipid antibodies, specifically elevated phosphatidylserine IGM autoantibodies. Also, she has a case of secondary infertility, which I believe is due to a combination of low functioning thyroid, the antiphospholipid antibodies, and her C-section. Read on!

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I hope that you've enjoyed the first ever Baby Dust Newsletter! If you have any thoughts to share with me, please just respond to this email. I look forward to hearing from you.

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