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Happy PMS Cream
September 16, 2008

Hello again faithful reader. I hope that you enjoyed last week's Baby Dust Newsletter! I really appreciate the kind words about my newsletter. Thanks! Also, thank you for responding to the survey regarding your preferred times for the Fertility Teleclasses.

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In this issue we have the following:

  • Announcements: Fertility Teleclass Survey
  • From the Clinic: IVF and Luteal Phase Defect
  • New Article: Happy PMS Cream Makes Me Mad
  • Deal of the Week: Bookmark Us and Get a $10 off Coupon

Fertility Teleclass Survey

My Fertility Teleclasses are starting October 1st! I'd love to hear when you can join a Fertility Teleclass. Please complete this 10 second survey to let me know your preferred days and times.

Each class is ONLY $19 ($9.00 with a $10 off coupon!) and they are filling up fast! I'm limiting each class to 10 participants, so that each person has the time to ask personal questions. This is a great opportunity to learn and get feedback on your particular situation.

IVF and Luteal Phase Defect

IVF and luteal phase defect spell trouble. One patient population that I'm seeing more of these days are women that have undergone 3 or more IVF cycles without success. I usually see these women once they have decided to either take a break or combine acupuncture with IVF #4.

In either case, I encourage my patient to chart her cycle in detail, so that we can see what is going on. In many cases, we find that there is a luteal phase defect, which simply means that the luteal phase is less than 12 days long.

I've seen luteal phases as short as 4 days long. In this case the woman's menstrual cycle could be 30 days long and with charting we find that she's ovulating on cycle day 25. A 4 day luteal phase is not long enough to allow for the implantation of the embryo and that may be the reason for the failed IVF cycles.

The good news is that in each case that I've seen in the clinic, every woman was able to increase her luteal phase to 12 days with a complete TCM fertility plan. This usually took 3 menstrual cycles and many of these women got pregnant within 3 cycles, especially when her husband participated by taking herbs and following the dietary and lifestyle guidelines.

Happy PMS Cream Makes Me Mad

Happy PMS Cream is touted as the panacea for menstrual cramps, infertility and menopause. While I understand that low progesterone is a common problem, I disagree that progesterone cream is the solution. The dance of hormones in the body that is necessary to support a healthy pregnancy is a complex cascade of negative feedback loops and intricate communication channels. Is the body really so simple that rubbing some Wild Yam cream is going to solve all hormonal ailments? Read on

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