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Fully Fertile Book Review
October 28, 2008

Hi there! Sorry for the gap in Baby Dust Newsletters. My weekly Fertility Teleclasses are keeping me busy. This session has sold out, but I'm working with a studio to do audio recordings of the classes. These will be available in 2009.

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In this issue we have the following:

  • Announcements: New Discussions added to The Fertility Acupuncturist
  • From the Clinic: Calling All Men!
  • Book Review: Fully Fertile: A Holistic 12-Week Plan for Optimal Fertility
  • Pay it Forward: Try StumbleUpon

New Discussions added to The Fertility Acupuncturist

New Discussions have been added to The Fertility Acupuncturist. We now have Book Reviews, Infertility Product Reviews, Finding a Fertility Specialist, in addition to Ask Amelia! and Your Stories.

Please share your story, recommend your fertility specialist, review your favorite book, ask a question or share your favorite fertility product in the Discussion Area.

Calling All Men!

I've been debating for awhile about starting a Letters section, where I write open letters to people. The group that I'd like to start with is DH aka Dear Husband.

Dear Husband (or partner),
I realize that your sperm is a touchy issue and that you'd rather not have it overly analyzed. I also know that you're a logical individual that looks at facts and studies. I want to share some fertility facts with you to help you understand the importance of your proactive participation in creating a baby. Before you allow your wife to be injected with drugs and subjected to invasive procedures, I implore you to open your mind and get on board.

In the clinic 90% of my female patients tell me that their partner's sperm is "fine." That's what their doctors have told them. Once we look at the semen analysis we find that in 80%-90% of cases, there is a male factor involved.

Many of these patients have tried IVF with ICSI and yet were told that the sperm were "fine." FYI, if the sperm need to be injected into the egg because they weren't able to fertilize the egg in a petri dish, they're not "fine."

Doctors are generally reluctant to point out male factor infertility unless it's extreme, i.e. no sperm at all. They just recommend IVF, as sperm that don't have to swim long distances are generally able to fertilize an egg in a petri dish. If that doesn't work, doctors will use ICSI to inject the sperm into the egg. However, the question that begs to be asked is, "Why are the sperm unable to swim the distance and then fertilize the egg in the body in the first place?

In 2008, 90% of the couples that have both participated in my fertility program for a minimum of 6 months have conceived and stayed pregnant. Participation is measured as getting weekly acupuncture treatments, taking supplements, adopting a healthy diet and making lifestyle changes.

When I have female patients that have been with me for more than 6 menstrual cycles and haven't conceived, it's often due to the husband's reluctance to take supplements, stop the alcohol, give up coffee or clean up the diet. Many couples conceive when their partners just clean up their diets and stop smoking.

Once men jump on board and become proactive in the process, we do see pregnancy happen much sooner. In a study that looked at 2000 couples that conceived naturally, the men had the following semen parameters:

  • sperm count:60 million
  • sperm motility:65%
  • morphology:12%

I also like to see forward progression at 3 and volume at 3 ml or above. Generally, men's sperm counts and motility are just slightly low and morphology is 6% or lower. Morphology is the shape of the sperm. If only 6% are normal, then 94% are abnormal. That is a deal breaker. Abnormal sperm do not fertilize the egg.

It's important to remember that sperm carry all of the genetic material that will make a baby. How that sperm is made is a reflection of the health of the man. Toxins like solvents, fumes, coffee, alcohol and smoking have a negative affect on genetic material, even in low quantities.

Fifty years ago, men had many hundreds of millions of sperm and could stand to smoke and drink. However, in today's polluted world, sperm are already at a disadvantage and therefore if you're experiencing a delay in starting your family, I encourage your to clean up your diet and take responsibility for the quality of your sperm.

Is coffee, beer or that smoke more important than your future child's health? I'm sure that it's not, so be a man and step up to the plate! It takes about 72 days to make a sperm from start to finish, so generally 3 months of clean living will have an impact on sperm quality. Get started today!

I have confidence in you!
Amelia Hirota

A review of Fully Fertile, A Holistic 12-Week Plan for Optimal Fertility

Fully Fertile, A Holistic 12-Week Plan for Optimal Fertility covers the areas of yoga, nutrition, acupuncture, meditation, relaxation and spirituality.

I liked this book and read it cover to cover, while on the treadmill. It's an easy and pleasant read. If you've been wanting to incorporate yoga into your preconception program, this is the book for you. The pictures of the poses (asanas) and the accompanying instructions make it very easy to create a yoga practice that fits into a busy life. Read on...

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