44 and low AMH

by Renee
(Berkeley, CA)

After almost 3 years of trying to get pregnant (with 1 miscarriage at 8 weeks 2.5 years ago) I've been told by the medical community that my chances of having a baby are less than 3%.

I had an ultrasound last year that indicated that everything normal, but that I only had 3 follicles at that point. My FSH was 12 and my day 20 Estadiol was 3.7 last February. My DHEA was 164 and my Progesterone was 234.

My periods are normal, although my cycle has shortened from 28 days to 25 - 27 days on average.

The Reproductive Science Center doctor said she didn't recommend IVF because of my low AMH score.

My question: Is it even worth trying, given my age, to get pregnant any more?

P.S. I learned more from listening to your hormone webinar than anything doctors have told me over the last 3 years. Thank you.


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44 and low AMH
by: Amelia Hirota, D.Ac.

Hi Renee,
Thanks for sharing the details of your story and thank you for your kind words regarding my webinar on hormones. I'm not sure about the hormone values that you provided, as you didn't specify if the FSH and estradiol were taken on Day 3 and if the progesterone was taken on Day 20.

For now, I'll assume that they were. Your FSH seems really good for 44 years old. The estradiol seems low and the progesterone is unusually high. I don't understand that value.

I think that you ask a very valid question. Should you even try any more naturally? It's hard to stop trying to conceive without something more substantial than being told that you have a 3% chance of conceiving. I always wonder how much math actually goes into the computation of this statistic. Trust me, it's not an actual analysis of your chances.

If you want to see what your chances are of getting pregnant, I would encourage you to properly evaluate the state of your hormones throughout your cycle, as you listened to on the hormone webinar. If your hormones are really out of balance and your HP axis is totally dysregulated, then maybe it's a good idea to throw in the towel.

However, if your hormones look pretty good and there are just a few things that need to be tweaked, then maybe you want to embark on a holistic fertility program for 6 months and give it a good shot naturally.

I'm not sure if you're considering a donor cycle at this point or not. However, I've been in this situation with patients before where they weren't ready to move on to donor quite yet. They opted to do the testing and then worked with me for 6 months to a year.

When they didn't get pregnant, they moved on to donor eggs and got pregnant on their first cycle, stayed pregnant and had healthy babies. I attribute this to the fact that they really prepared their body for conception and even through it wasn't with their own eggs, their uterus, HP axis and all of the hormones were in good shape to support a healthy pregnancy because of the work they had done.

I hope this is helpful to you. I know how difficult it can be to close the door on TTC. I wish you much serenity with your decision and your future plans, whatever they may be.


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