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Are you Trying to Conceive?

Trying to conceive should be a fun and enjoyable, right? Well, for 40% of couples, trying to get pregnant is frustrating, stressful and depressing. Can you relate? Is a large amount of your time spent dwelling on your fertility challenges?

The Fertility Acupuncturist is an educational site devoted to helping you. Are you a proactive woman looking for fertility answers? Are you tired of the magic infertility cures that are touted on the internet? Are youdiscouraged after speaking with your doctor? Trust that you're in the right place.

I designed my website for women like you. I spend my days in the clinic talking one on one with fertility patients. I love my practice! There's nothing like having a patient tell me that she's gotten a BFP! Now, I want to share my program with you and other empowered women that are trying to conceive.

Have You Already Done Clomid or IVF?

I encounter too many women turn to Clomid and IVF early in their trying to conceive journey. While sometimes these procedures are necessary to promote conception, often times they are prescribed too early and too often.

Numerous rounds of Clomid, injectable hormones or IVF can actually damage the delicate reproductive process. This is why I don't send my patients to a reproductive endocrinologist until we've exhausted the natural options.

I want my patients to have their bodies and their hormones in a balanced state, before moving on to fertility drugs. I hope that by understanding your body better, you give your body a real chance to conceive naturally, before turning to artificial means.

My Holistic Fertility Program

Treating infertility with acupuncture, nutritional balancing, lifestyle changes and appropriately prescribed herbs and supplements helps to strengthen the body and balance the reproductive system. This approach of nourishing and strengthening the body is really the most natural answer to our polluted environment, unhealthy food options, and high stress levels, which are behind the vast number of infertility cases.

I hope that you find The Fertility Acupuncturist helpful, educational, inspiring, and supportive. I firmly believe that information is power and that providing you with the right information will help you in finding answers to your fertility questions. May your journey be illuminating and fruitful.